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Medical support

For us, a new breeding / racing season begins with a vaccination against paratyphoid . This vaccination is given not only to protect against paratyphoid, but I think it also increases the overall resistance of the pigeons. Probably a single vaccination is sufficient for the build up of resistance .

The paramyxovirus vaccination we usually do when the pigeons are on eggs. Actually, this grafting may be carried out at any time as long as it is not done with the paratyphoid grafting at the same time.

By default, the pigeons are dewormed every year. The usefulness of deworming is often underestimated . This is partly because light worm infections or infection at an early stage are not always found in the droppings . 
This deworming is done in April with a wormpil of Belgica de Weerd . Fourteen days later, they receive an anti -lice / worm drop in the neck . This drop is on the basis of Ivermectin .

Three weeks before the first flight we admit a four-day course of Ronidasol 10 % ( 1.5 g / l of water ) .

What we think is very important is the adequate availability of different mineral mixtures ( eg Vita Lith ) . We assume that a pigeon intuits what he needs . Especially pigeons that are raced from nest need enough fresh minerals.



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